When Daddy comes home late…

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I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, before we had 4 new foster children in our home. When we set the table these days, there are 3 more plates (1 is a baby), and we’re using paper plates for a season. :) And there are more little children to greet Daddy with JOY as soon as he pulls down the newly fixed Door Handle and gets in the home smiling.


My husband (The Farmer) works a day job and is usually home by 4 pm. He often takes the boys out with him while he does “animal chores” and other farm jobs, and then he’s in for dinner by 5, 5:30 or 6 (depending on the evening). I love this consistency. I love him being home. To be honest, I don’t deal with the evening “bewitching hour” that I’ve heard of so many moms dealing with–after nap– when the kids are hungry, cranky and stir-crazy and Daddy’s not home yet.

Last week, my husband had some important meetings at his day job and didn’t get home until about 7 pm. Rare in our home. Then there were still the animal and farm chores. I experienced the bewitching hour. It wasn’t fun. ;) I was not perfect in my response to this situation, let me just admit that, however; I think we did one thing right: we celebrated Daddy.

We pulled out the table cloth that I made last year (it wasn’t ironed, but who cares!). We set the table, lit the candle, and played classical music. We were ready for his arrival! When he came home, the kids all shouted “SURPRISE!!” and then showed him the table.

After dinner, it was past the kids’ normal bedtime, but the classical music inspired them all to want to DANCE! We had a pretend little “ball” after their jammies were on. They loved it!

There was one thing I experienced while I was waiting for him to get home that I don’t usually ever experience: fear. It was dark. He was later than he said he might be. Was he ok? Our day is just finishing up when he usually gets home–there isn’t “down time” to worry. This just made his homecoming that much more special, and it made me realize something I need to remember:

When Daddy comes home late……just be thankful that he came home. 

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