What IF?

by brenda on

Tonight we got Burger King for dinner, mainly because well, tomrrow is Thanksgiving and things are a little busy around here. Karry went through the drive thru and brought back the food. He pulled out the cheeseburgers and passed them out, 1 for mommy, 1 for Isaac, 1 for Noah, and 1 for daddy. Kaleb’s eyes got bigger, and he asked “wait, where’s mine?” Karry teased him and said “oh…they ran out…they only had 4 cheeseburgers Kaleb, I’m sorry.” He pulled out napkin and said “this is for you,” and Kaleb said “no!” in a worrysome tone. Then Karry looked in the bag again and pulled out packet of ketchup–”here Kaleb, this is your dinner.” “No!” he said again. Karry told him he had been teasing, and then pulled out his cheeseburger. Everyone laughed and ate their cheeseburgers. Kaleb said he was a “funny daddy.”

What IF we lived in a culture where our kids had to deal with stuff like that? “Sorry, there’s only one ___,” and they’d just have to learn to deal with unpredictability and just letting go of desires and just SHARE or better yet, SACRIFICE? Think about it–we drive to the fast food place, and they’ve got everything we need–do they ever run out? They never seem to. And everything’s pretty cheap, so we can spend like $10, say, and get 5 cheeseburgers and some fries–enough to feed the family–no prob. The stores here are packed with everything we would ever need or want, and in so many quantities that they have enough for everybody (except, of course, the day after Thanksgiving, that’s when all the crazy sock ladies and come out and fight for that last pair of hot pink socks at Fred Meyers.

Our kids are growing up in this culture of “it’s broken? you lost it? ok, let’s go buy a new one.” And that’s not something we’ve intentionally taught them, of course. And the thought of daddy going to the fast food place and not getting enough cheeseburgers for the whole family CAN be a joke in this culture, only because there are a plethora of cheeseburgers and we’ve never done without.

I don’t have an answer to all of this, so I can’t really conclude this elloquently with some “go do this” solution. Just something I was thinking about tonight. I think it’s good to think about these kinds of things….GREAT, actually….


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