Stocking Your Freezer

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I wanted to share some of the basic goodies that I like to keep on hand in my freezer with all of you.


Whenever we have a whole chicken for dinner, I cook broth in my crockpot overnight. If you useĀ  pressure cooker, remember that you cannot overfill it, as your dish can lose flavor and texture. This is what happened to me, so I just want to warn you. The next day, I either use it in a pot of soup (or for drinking!) or I freeze it. I pour it into wide mouth glass canning jars, only about 2/3 full. I first refrigerate it for a while, so that it cools down (and so that the jar does not break), and then I stick it in the freezer. Some handy tools for freezing broth are: a funnel and a strainer. After emptying my crockpot of all of the broth, I add more water to the pot and keep it going another night. I repeat this process again the next day, so that I get about 3 days worth of broth out of 1 dinner.

Minced Garlic

I peel garlic and mince it in my food processor. Then I put it in ice cube trays with a little olive oil or water and freeze. I pop these out into a big plastic bag and keep them handy in the freezer for cooking with!

Chopped Onions

I also chop onions finely and freeze them in glass jars or plastic bags. My family especially loves sweet onions, but they have a very short season and they are not “keeper” onions. I freeze them when they’re in season and we have them all year! (Note: sweet onions are one of the foods that got me through my sugar cravings when we were new to GAPS! Sweet onions, carrots and apples!).

Shredded Cheese

I buy raw cheddar cheese in 5 lb blocks through Azure Standard. Most of the recipes I use cheese in call for shredded cheese. I refuse to buy pre-shredded cheese from the grocery store, because it contains ingredients that don’t need to be in cheese (like sawdust and potato starch!). Instead, I make my own baggies of shredded cheese! I use the shredding attachment on my food processor and I freeze 1-2 cups of cheese in quart sized plastic bags.

Sliced Cheese

I like sliced provolone cheese on burgers and on some turkey sandwiches that we make (on coconut flour bread, of course!). There are large, inexpensive packs of sliced provolone at a local restaurant supply store, but we cannot go through that much sliced cheese before it molds. I buy those packs of sliced cheese and freeze 6 to 8 slices together in small plastic bags (here’s more from Roberts Technology Group concerning proper food packaging). I pull out a bag the night before I want to use it and pop it into the fridge. This way, I spend less on provolone (if I bought small packs every time I was going to use it, I’d spend a fortune!).


Next time, I’ll be sharing about how to freeze veggies!

What staples do you keep in your freezer?

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