So What Do You Do With a Toddler?

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So many of us don’t have a clue what to do with our kids during the daytime.  We’re trained throughout our school years how to be successful in the workplace.  And as for many of our moms, that’s exactly what they were doing (working!), so we we never received any training on being a MOM.  It’s easy for us moms to get caught up in doing other things (that we may feel successful in), while our children become burdens in our daily life.  I encourage all of you (and myself!) to MAKE your children your career.  If you were going to apply for any old career out there, you’d study it–you might even get a degree in it.  Think of your job as a mom like that.  Since you’re in the position right now, you’ll have to do “on the job training.”  Below are some links that just might help you figure out what to do with your toddlers during the daytime.

Links on this site:



  • Letter of the Week
  • Talking About Me: Activities for Toddlers
  • Infants and Games they can Enjoy (useful for toddlers, also)
  • Hands on Homeschooling  This site sells curriculums for ages 2 through 5.  They are neatly laid out for you and give GREAT ideas for ways to spend time AND teach your child!

    One subject that you can study (in all of your free time!) and be more aware of as your child grows is child development.  It is fun to know what your child can learn at each stage.  Check out the information  on Toddler Development.


    You have a great task at hand, shaping a young toddler!  They are watching your every move and absorbing everything around them.  Use this opportunity to teach them skills and values that you will want them to carry on into their adult life!


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