Overindulging Our Children??

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Our kids have it so good. Imagine if they got only 1 tin cup for Christmas and they were overjoyed! Imagine them having 1 doll–their whole life–and treasuring that one doll. That’s not the way it is here.

I have to admit that every year, I struggle with this Christmas thing. My kids don’t need anything. I don’t want more stuff in our home. Yet, it is fun to buy presents. And it’s VERY FUN to watch them open presents on Christmas morning! Just like how it is to watch them have fun & frolic around the coastline, not to forget that one time we’d gone fishing with some baitcasting reels to catch some salmon for supper.

This year, I did it again. I bought more than I intended to buy. I can blame it on the really good sales I found. Or, I can just blame it on me and my desire to BUY this time of year, and to see those SMILES on my kids’ faces when they open up the thing they “always wanted!!” Do any of you struggle with this?

I think we’re not unlike most Americans, having a whole house full of stuff. Does your home look something like mine?


My kids don’t need any more games. Still, I boughtthe run 3 game for our little 2 year old foster daughter, you can play run 3 here if you want. I struggle with, whatdoyoubuya2yearold? Ora1yearold? ;) I like to make things fair, so that every child is opening an equal number of gifts (am I the only one who obsesses over this?), so she’s getting a game that I got for $3.99. They suckered me in with the Black Friday deal!

Then there are always Movies:

We have so many kid movies that I threw away the cases and started storing them in this folder.

We don’t need any more movies. We barely even watch movies! Ok, the only movies we really “need,” admittedly, are a few more LHOP seasons. ;) But of course, these dvd’s are not ridiculously cheap in any local stores on Black Friday! I did get them movies though. I’ll throw away the cases and put them in that folder above, but really, did we need them?!?

They’ve always got some kind of new stuffed animal thing for sale. My kids have too many stuffed animals.


This year and last, the big deal has been Pillow Pets. All of my kids but 1 have Pillow Pets. That’s SIX Pillow Pets in our home! These are not small items!

But of course, the 1 kid who doesn’t have one is getting one for Christmas this year. ;)

There are always Clothes on sale. You tell me, do my kids need more clothes?




My laundry pile says NO! Yet, I bought some clothes. And a pair of pajamas for each kid, like every Christmas.

There are Video Games on sale. Our kids get extremely limited video game time, why do they need any more??

I did buy 1 $5 Wii game, and then, after discussing it with The Farmer, returned it.

There are rarely Books on sale, but we do love books…We are a homeschool family, so we make use of them. But our shelves are overflowing!



Then there are Toys. Don’t get me started on TOYS!

We’ve got dolls:


And then there are the doll clothes and accessories, as well.

And then there are costumes: TWO TUBS each, for boys and girls!!


Then there are “Food Toys” (they play with foods that we don’t even eat!):


And Little People:


And Potato Heads & Toy Story toys:


And Train Tracks:


And of course, Playmobil pirate stuff:

And Build A Bear:


And the boys’ Nerf Guns & the bag of Attactics that they bring to church potluck to play with the other boys.

And horse toys for Boy 3 who LOVES horses:


I forgot to take a picture of our big LEGO Bucket.

And those random toys:


And on top of all of this, each kid has 1 dresser drawer of their very own “Special Stuff”:



Do my kids need anything? I think not! And yet, just because it’s Christmas time (you know, the time when we’re supposed to focus on the CHRIST CHILD, not stuff), I bought them more. And with 7 children, MORE quickly becomes WAY TOO MUCH.

How do you handle this???

Here is what I got my children (maybe you can help me with this):

Boy 1

Lego truck/boat

Small Erector set

Toy Story 3 movie

2 button up shirts with ties

Cap Gun



Boy 2

Lego truck

Star Wars Flight Simulator Game (major sale + he loves flying)

Camera (again, major sale)

Toy Rifle

Nerf gun from skytechlasers.com/nerf-gun/

Cowboy Hat



Boy 3

Lego airplane

Pillow Pet

Star Wars Lego Book & Audobon books: Fish and Sea Life (He LOVES these books)

Cactus Biodome & Mantis Stages kit



Girl 1

Pretty Princess Game

Leapster & Games

2 Dance Movies

Build a Bear clothes (free with coupon)


Baking Kit (stay tuned, I’ll share about this…)



Boy 4

Lego Boat

Bat & Ball


Toy Laptop




Girl 2

Cabbage Patch Doll (it looks just like her. I couldn’t pass it up!!)

Memory Game

Fashion Kit (toy phone, purse, plastic makeup)

Mrs. Potato Head accessories




Girl 3

Play phone

Sing Along Video

Plastic tea party set

Little People Dollhouse (major deal)

Pet Puzzle




As I wrapped presents the other day, I was shocked by how much of a PILE this creates. Ohmygoodness. What are we doing here? I want to change this by next year…Help! How have you all solved this issue? Or are you struggling like me? Share your thoughts!

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