Kaleb’s Questions

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Kaleb–he’s a little bundle of energy and full of even MORE questions than energy. He’s constantly thinking and pretty much non-stop talking. Sometimes I have to say “Kaleb, please be quiet buddy,” and he looks at me like I broke his little heart.

Tonight: he randomly started asking about stars: “why do we never go outside just to look at the stars?” (we had done this one point on a camping trip with our church, with big telescopes & stuff). Karry explained “well, Kaleb, we live in a place where there are lots of lights outside and it’s kind of hard to see the stars–if you want to see the stars really well, you have to go way out in the country where there aren’t any lights.” Kaleb: “oh. But would that be really dangerous?” No, but good question. :)

Kaleb and I are going to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) on his Birthday to see the polar bears and penguins exhibit. Kaleb LOVES penguins. I started a tradition last year with Isaac that I bring the kids out for a special day on their 5th Birthday. Maybe also 7th, or 8th, or 10th–we’ll see when we get there. :) Karry told Kaleb about how we can see the stars at OMSI, and we can also see a submarine, etc. Kaleb got so excited, and even though I was in the room with him the entire time, has to explain it all to me: “Mommy y y y y y y y y y, we’re going to see stars, and a submarine and polar bears AND penguins!!” (yes, he stutters when he gets excited!)

Pretty much daily Kaleb will ask me something new–and smart–his brain is always going. “Do crocodiles lay eggs?” Even if I think I know the answer, we’ll “look it up” together on my computer. Yes, in fact, crocodiles do lay eggs–and they pee on their eggs when it’s too hot out. Good for a little boy to know, huh? :) He loved that info…

“Mommy, why do buffalo have humps?” Figured that one out too–so they don’t fall over, since their head is so big and heavy, it helps balance them. And something else…I forget. Kaleb probably remembers.

His latest question, which I don’t know how to answer–“Mommy, how do mommy penguins and daddy penguins get a baby penguin?” My most current answer “well, they get an egg.” And the next question: “but Mommy, how do they get the egg?” Woah boy. I think we’ll rent the March of the Penguins again, maybe that will answer his question. :) :)

Karry’s reading another Narnia book to them, and Kaleb, of all of them, knows the details like crazy–and he’s constantly asking questions about it. “But why did Susan do that?” etc., etc., etc.!!!

I wish I could think of other fun questions he asks. He thinks of SO many, on the fly, and I don’t remember them all. I’ll share a picture of my boy boy here (nickname when he was little: K-bub, K-love, baby bubby…ok, maybe I still call him those things!!).


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